The CRES team actively works at the real estate market of Azerbaijan, taking part in projects of office, retails, residential, warehouse and hotel development as advisers, brokers and valuers.

Our valuers produce valuation reports for various purposes, including IPO and IFRS. Our valuation reports contain the detailed information necessary not only for understanding of the market value, but also helps to make managment decesions with regards to valued property.

Today CRES consultancy team produces other intellectual products (real estate investment advisory, business plans, highest and best use analysis).

CRES Clients consist both of local and the international companies, including large investment funds, banks and constrcution companies.

We work at all stages of the project: from the development of the land to redesign of the existing building. Depending on your task, we will create consultancy services package, for example:

  • real estate portfolio optimization ;
  • development consultancy for large projects;
  • highest and best use analysis;
  • market research.